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Empowering organizers with the platform to create the biggest and best live events

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Powerful Planning Tools

Plan your event the right way with Tourbrat. Just provide select event info, easily build your own custom event page and create tickets, and start promoting! Once your plan is set, we'll give you all you need to get your audience in the door. Get ahead of the game with the online tools you need to plan your event right!

Superior Ticketing

We've listened to event organizers and ticket buyers alike, and Tourbrat's solutions are set to change the entire game.

Efficient yet powerful ticket creation and management process for organizers.

A simple and seamless check-out experience for ticket buyers.

Reliable admission control for speedy ticket authentication and event entry.

Lifting all obstacles to event success

Tourbrat is the ultimate event planning, ticketing, and market discovery service for organizers of all kinds.

We envision a level playing field in the world of event planning and ticketing. We believe anyone with a dream event deserves the best shot at making it come true.

Tourbrat connects organizers, artists and event-goers in a one-stop shop for planning an amazing event and reaching the widest possible audience.

Anyone can buy tickets on Tourbrat. Our event-planning suite is currently offered to organizers by invitation only.